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About us

Our Mission


To access original content of the highest quality through personal interviews, site visits, event attendance, wire services, news feeds, expert contributors and key event speakers from government and the private sector.

Our Vision


To provide the media platforms of choice for delivering the highest quality business information to key industry role players, thereby also offering advertisers maximum exposure to their target markets.

Our Promise


Empowering industry role players by providing critical information to key economic sectors.

About the Publisher


Elizabeth Shorten has a Master of Arts degree in English and many years of experience in journalism and publishing management. She started her career in London where she worked for newspapers such as The Daily Mail and The Times, and for magazines such as Woman’s Own and Working Woman. She has managed 3S Media through its period of strongest growth and its transformation into 3S Media. She has also won the Mondi Award for journalism twice. Elizabeth is a board member of the Magazine Publishers Association of South Africa and was chairperson of the SAPPI PICA Awards committee for publishing excellence for three years.

Our Publication Awards


3S Media received recognition at the CESA Awards for Publishing Excellence: Trade Publication.


3S Media received recognition at the CESA Awards for Publisher of the Year: Trade Publications.


IMIESA won a PICA award for Non-professional Writer of the Year.


Inside Mining received a PICA nomination for B2B Cover of the Year.


Inside Mining won a PICA Award for Business-to-Business Cover of the Year.


Enterprise Risk received a PICA nomination for B2B Cover of the Year.


Enterprise Risk received a PICA nomination for B2B Cover of the Year.


Water & Sanitation Africa received a PICA nomination for B2B Editor of the Year.

2006, 2005, 2001 and 1999

IMIESA won four PICA Awards, most recently in the Civil Construction, Building and Infrastructural Development category. In 2001 and 2008 IMIESA received Highly Commended Awards.


Elizabeth Shorten won the SAACE (now CESA) Excellence Award for Journalist of the Year from the consulting engineers.

2004 and 2001

ReSource won two Sappi PICA Awards, most recently in the Engineering – Electrical, Waste Management and Other Category. In 2003 the magazine received a Highly Commended Award.


SA Irrigation received a Highly Commended Award in the Farming, Agricultural Produce and Equipment, Irrigation and Horticulture category.


Transport World Africa received a Highly Commended Award.


Elizabeth Shorten won a Mondi Award in the Industry category for a Transport World Africa article.


Emergency Services SA won a PICA Award for best magazine in the Safety and Security category.


Elizabeth Shorten won a Mondi award in the Industry category for an IMIESA article.


Jaci Leitch won a Mondi Award in the Systems Coverage category.


Jaci Leitch won a Mondi Award in the Specialised Readership category.

55 years at a glance

The 3smedia story

As 3S Media celebrates 55 years in business, and MD Elizabeth Shorten marks over a decade at the helm, we look back at the colourful history of the company and its founder, and forward to the fast-changing future.”Companies are built from passions, not from business plans,” says Elizabeth Shorten, owner and managing director of 3S Media a print and electronic publishing house that celebrates its 55th anniversary at the end of 2015, while Elizabeth marks ten years as managing director in March 2011.Her father John Shorten founded the company, formerly Shorten Publications, in 1960.

Largely self-educated after he left school, Shorten took one of his first jobs as a library assistant, opening him to an entire world of history and English literature. So avid a reader did he become that he could quote entire verses of the Aeneid without pausing for breath, a famous after-dinner pastime in a pre-television era, recalls his daughter Elizabeth. As a young man, he also developed a serious interest in labour affairs and politics.

At the age of 26, and with a campaign run on a shoestring, he contested a parliamentary seat as an Independent Labour candidate, standing against a well-known figure in the United Party, and losing by only a small margin.His early business involvement was with a number of trade union journals. When being interviewed by the Board to work on the South African Railways magazine, he was asked if he spoke Afrikaans. Shorten, who was born in England, replied that he did not, but was perfectly prepared to speak English with an Afrikaans accent.“That was typical of my father’s sense of humour,” says Elizabeth. “And somehow, he always got away with it.” He was a strong advocate of multiracial trade unions, and was noted for his far-seeing and provocative editorials. Some of his articles were published in the Sunday Times.

“People would ask my mother if the security services had come to visit us,” says Elizabeth, “but fortunately, they never did.” Read the full story here (published in 2012).