It’s a web-based seminar using video conferencing software to engage with a defined target audience. Our platform offers audio as well as video capabilities.
3S Media provides the interface to host, manage and broadcast live as well as on-demand webinars. Our platform ensures the highest quality video and audio technology. This ensures flawless digital broadcasting by using enterprise-grade streaming solutions.


3S Media offers robust thought-leadership panel discussions and anchor desk interviews with captains of industries.

  1. Webinars drive high-quality engagement.
  2. Webinars allow industry thought-leaders and experts to discuss and share their opinion via a controlled and engaging platform to a defined target audience.
  3. Webinars are convenient and cost effective. It allows an industry professional to “attend” real-time virtual seminars and panel discussions without the cost of being out of the office, additional travel cost such as flight and hotel cost.
  4. Webinars can be viewed on a desktop, laptop, tablet and smartphone, from anywhere in the world.
  5. People are willing to spend a significant amount of focused and engaged time on a webinar compared to many other types of content.

We are able to create, host, record and broadcast professional-quality webinars to 500 live viewers and thousands on-demands viewers, anywhere in the world, on any device using a single secure URL. Webinars are ideal marketing platforms for product launches, training events and industry announcements.

  1. We offer a professional webinar studio, equipped with camera, lights, sound, presenter desk and green screen backdrop.
  2. We offer panel discussion set-up allowing 2 to 4 panel members discussing a specific pressing industry matter.
  3. We recommend 60 min max. 40 min panel discussion followed by 20 min Q&A session at the end of the live webinar.
  4. Live webinars are joined and viewed via a secure unique URL that was send to the attendee post registration.
  5. On-Demand webinars may be viewed by any online audience member visiting our websites and clicking on “View this Webinar”, and by visiting the sponsors’ website.

Webinars cut through information overload. It is targeted, meaningful and results-driven. Webinars drive high quality engagement – content marketing in this format takes on a unique form of measurable and integrated alignment between our brands, your brand and the target audience.

  1. In 2022, 82% of the global internet traffic will come from video streaming and downloads. (Cisco, 2019)
  2. The average webinar viewing time is 57 minutes. (GoToWebinar)
  3. 87% of marketing professionals use video as a successful marketing tool. (WYZOWL, 2019)
  4. Marketers making use of video get 66% more qualified leads per year. (Optinmonster, 2019)
  5. Video engage users for longer on a website. The average user spends 88% more time on a website with video content. (FORBES, 2018)
  6. 60% of webinars are designed to move people through the entire customer lifecycle – from unaware prospect to loyal customer (GoToWebinar)
  1. Ability to stream video, live or pre-recorded.
  2. Interactive tools allowing multiple presenters and audience to engage in real-time. These also include running live polls.
  3. We offer On-Demand webinars as well. This is an effective execution to repurpose live webinars. Live webinars are recorded and published on our website as well as on the sponsors’ website. This allows viewers to watch the webinar at their convenience at any time post the live event.
  4. Webinars may also be pre-recorded, uploaded and launched at a certain specified date and timeslot. Pre-recorded webinars allow for pre-editing, however it does not allow for a live Q&A session.
  5. Webinar invitations and registrations are customised to reflect the sponsors’ branding, including integrated calendar scheduling. Branding is also included on Reminder emails as well as post webinar email communication.
  6. Audience engagement is ensured through live Q&A, chat, live polling as well as post-event surveys, post-event polling and Q&A follow-up post-event.
  7. Presenters can share files, videos, research papers & presentations in real-time.
  8. Our platform allows for detailed reporting, measuring attendance and audience engagement. The feedback is used to improve future webinar events.


  1. The webinar invitations are sent to our curated databases allowing your brand to tap into our dedicated print and online target market
  2. We provide and manage the registration sign up page, including all the required email reminders and confirmation link
  3. Registration and promotional reminders will include the sponsors’ logo
  4. We give 4 weeks of pre-webinar marketing through our websites, social media and weekly newsletters
  5. We offer assistance in securing additional panel experts, if required


  1. We offer the technology platform to a maximum of 500 attendees for the live webinar session
  2. We offer the webinar studio, camera equipment, audio, lights and video editor
  3. We offer the participation of our expert editors via the panel discussions, to act as organiser for the webinar and active participant
  4. Sponsors’ logo will appear on the welcome slide and verbal introduction and recognition made by the organising editor
  5. Live polling and Questions & Answers session


  1. Attendee contact and registration list for the live webinar will be shared with the sponsor for all opt-in registrations
  2. Post webinar report indicating attendance and engagement
  3. We provide the link of the recorded webinar for on-demand viewing
  4. This link can be used by the sponsor on their own digital properties
  5. We will promote the On-Demand webinar on the relevant social media platforms, to drive engagement
  6. We will host the recorded webinar on the relevant brand website:

Click here to view the Infrastructure News Webinar Channel.

Click here to view the Mining News Webinar Channel.

Click here to view The Planner Guru Webinar Channel.



  1. We offer single sponsorship where 1 of the 4 seats on the panel discussion will be allocated to the sponsor.
  2. We reserve one seat for the editor of the respective brand with the remaining two seats reserved for industry experts relating to the specific topic.
  3. The panel will debate a pre-determined hot topic/pressing matter, raising awareness and tabling possible solutions relating to key challenges in a respective sector, of which the sponsor operates in.


  1. We offer three seats to the sponsor, with the one remaining seat allocated to the editor.
  2. This allows for specific interview style discussions around a single company as the sponsor.
  3. The webinar could focus on a new product launch or leadership interview.
  4. It enables them the opportunity to position themselves as thought leaders and industry pioneers through sharing knowledge, expertise and showcasing best practises.
  5. The discussion topic will be determined by the sponsor.