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InfrastructureNe.ws brings together the communities from our three magazines – IMIESA, Water&Sanitation Africa and ReSource.

It is a leading news hub, with in-depth articles, videos and podcasts, an events calendar, and full social media functionality.


IMIESA is the official magazine of the Institute of Municipal Engineering of Southern Africa (IMESA), focusing on engineering and construction.

Water&Sanitation Africa is the official magazine of the Water Institute of Southern Africa (WISA), focusing on the entire spectrum of water-related issues.

ReSource promotes integrated resource management, with a special interest in waste management and cleaner production.



Is the company you represent a supplier of products and services to infrastructure development across the government and private spectrum? Make sure you are included in our readers’ purchasing decisions.

• The print magazine creates brand awareness and is mailed to key industry players.
• Weekly newsletters offer direct marketing to individual mailboxes of key industry professionals.
• Websites provide a searchable presence, create brand awareness and elicit responses.
Terms and Conditions apply.